Sun Tattoo Meaning

The sun is the ultimate life-giver, sustaining plants, animals, and humans spanning the Earth. The sun is also responsible for the uniqueness of our planet in the vast reaches of the solar system. From the dawn of humankind, people have been fascinated with the sun, and it is a symbol that is common throughout all historical cultures. For this reason, suns are a hugely popular choice for tattoo designs.

Sun Tattoo Designs

Everyone is familiar with the basic design of the sun, but because it is so ubiquitous and full of meaning, it can be customized in a number of different ways. However, most generally, the sun is a symbol for life, energy, and the divine.

In fact, some cultures worshiped the sun and moon as the chief deities of their religion, and many continue to do so today. Even in a scientific sense, the sun is the root source of all biological processes. Similarly, astronomers also attribute great significance to the chief sustainer of life in the galaxy.

Some of the design variations most often found in sun tattoos are:

  • The tribal sun: Often found in Polynesian cultures, where the sun symbolized life, fertility, and growth.
  • Red sun: These are often found in Asian cultures, and the Japanese sun is the most well-known red version.
  • The Celtic sun: In Celtic tradition, the sun was related to the deities, and was known to be the core element of all life.
  • Black suns: These are often used to show rebirth or reincarnation, a change in perspective and other transitions.

What Does the Sun Tattoo Mean?

The sun can mean many things, most often depending on cultural tradition and region. Common meanings include:

  • Growth, fertility
  • Life
  • Light
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Intelligence, knowledge, creativity
  • Rebirth, reincarnation
  • Power
  • Truth

Symbolism of Sun and Meaning of Tattoo Variations

The sun as a symbol shows up in every society, religion, and culture on Earth, and each attributes its own unique interpretation and honor of it.

In Egypt, the sun was associated with the chief deities Osiris, Ra, and Horus, and was chiefly represented as a circular shape, placed close to representations of these figures.

Native American and Aztec cultures believed the sun had healing powers, and recognized it as the source of fertility in the land.

In Christianity, the sun is often associated with life and rebirth, and sometimes as a symbolic representation of Jesus Christ.

In astrology, one’s sun sign – determined by the sun’s position at the time of birth – is believed to be what gives us each our unique personalities.

Alchemists associated the sun with intellectual activity, and it was often represented as a circle with a dot in the middle. While this symbol was first used in the Renaissance, its use continues in the sciences today.

Sun Tattoo

Best Tattoo Placements

Because it is such a well-known symbol, the sun really can be placed anywhere on the body. For larger size designs, the back is a common placement, but small sun tattoos are often put on the back of the neck or on the foot. Both men and women also commonly wear sun tattoos on their arms, thighs, and wrist.

The Message Sun Tattoos Convey Is…

Light, life, and growth are a potential every day, just as the sun is guaranteed to rise.

If you Wear a Sun Tattoo, You are Likely to Be…

Someone who has overcome adversity, knowing that the sun rises again each morning, or someone who wants to be reminded of growth, particularly in a personal sense.

Reasons to Choose a Sun Tattoo

Sun tattoos are a great choice for reminding yourself of your own strength, or as a way to show a bond between friends and family.

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