Star Tattoo Meaning

The stars have long fascinated mankind. They have served a variety of functions from telling time to marking directional paths in the days before maps. Stars are popular tattoo images because their meaning can change for the wearer based on style and additional elements.

Star Tattoo Designs

Stars may be one of the most well recognized symbols around the world, but they can hold many different meanings and are represented with a number of variations. Stars can be arranged in the shapes of constellations, which can relate to star signs based on birth dates. Constellations were also the way that early navigators explored the world and so in this style stars can relate to exploration or even to a return home. Shooting stars, which are rare sightings, and their awe-inspiring movement through the night sky can represent uniqueness and aspirations.

What Does a Star Tattoo Mean?

Stars have come to symbolize many different things over the years, but some of the most common meanings include:

  • Hope
  • Intuition
  • Honor
  • Success
  • Ambition
  • Finding a way home

Symbolism of Stars and Meaning of the Tattoo Variations

Star tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and can refer to any of the symbolic meanings that stars have held throughout time. However, some of the most popular variations for tattoos include:

  • Nautical Star: Historically, the stars were used by sailors to navigate the seas during the night. They would know what direction they were going in by tracking the bright North Star. These days, nautical stars have come to represent finding a safe path home, and are popular with those who serve in the military to symbolize returning home. They typically have two different colors that represent dimensional depth, and are commonly found as a red star or a green star.
  • Shooting Star: Like their counterparts in nature, shooting star tattoos can symbolize uniqueness and specialness, and their movement through the sky can represent reaching towards one’s goals.
  • 3 Star: The three-star tattoo has become popular in recent years, and can be a unique way to incorporate tattoos into the body’s shape. Some people like to put one on each shoulder and then in the middle of the back, and some people like to do the same in their hip area.
  • Astrological Stars: Those who feel close to their astrological sign may choose to represent it in constellation form.
  • Gold Star: Gold stars are one of the most well-known symbols for success, and can be a tangible representation of goal achievement or overcoming obstacles in life.
  • Moon and Star: These are often popular tattoo choices among women, as the moon symbolizes feminine energy.
  • Russian Star: Some men like to represent strength through the 8 point Russian star, a popular symbol among Russian prison tattoos. These were customarily worn on the front of each shoulder, and resemble nautical tattoos with an additional three points.

Star Tattoo

Best Placements

Star tattoos can be placed on just about any part of the body, but placement is sometimes determined by the style of the star. For example, three-star tattoos are commonly found on the back and torso, while astrological tattoos are often placed on the hip and shoulder blades. Stars are also often found on wrists and necks.

The Message Star Tattoos Convey Is…

A celestial sense of aspiration, and a reminder of the scope of the universe. Stars can also ground their wearers by reminding them of where they come from.

If You Wear a Star Tattoo, You Are Likely to Be…

A goal-oriented individual, and someone who likes to be reminded of home.

Reasons to Choose a Star Tattoo

Stars can represent the depth of the cosmos, or can be a tangible reminder of home. Their variety in meaning but existence as a symbol common to man throughout time and history make them a universally recognized image. Stars can be tailored based on how they are styled; they work well as simple black outlines or as part of a larger design, making them one of the most versatile tattoo images available.

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