Choosing a Tattoo with Meaning

Looking for tattoo ideas that tell something meaningful about who you are and what you believe in? You’re in the right place. Anyone thinking about getting a tattoo faces a decision that will stay for years to come if not a lifetime.

Think About Your Tattoo Meanings Before You Ink

When considering your options, one of the first questions that comes up is what kind of tattoo do I want and where should I put it? A deeper inquiry is also “why” and what does my tattoo mean? Meaningful tattoos tell a real story, make a true statement about yourself.

Knowing the meaning behind a tattoo design can help select symbols you will feel good about years from now and avoid displaying the wrong kind message on your skin.

Meaningful Tattoo Designs

Nowadays, there’s a plethora of designs and symbols are available online or in shop catalogs. From simple designs to complex full body patterns, cute to tribal, modern to old school, you will find all sorts of images, words, symbols already designed.

You may also desire something more personal and create a design of your own by choosing combinations of symbols or relying on an artist’s inspiration.

Popular types of tattoos are:

With a tattoo, you’re expressing something about your personality, what you believe in. Choosing a meaningful tattoo design that matches your intention is a big step. Your tattoo is here to stay and taking the time to make the right decision for you is important.

What will you think of your tattoo years from now? Picture yourself in the future, five, ten years from now, and look at the inked image on your body – do you feel happy, uncertain, not sure if the symbol you chose will withstand the test of time?

Another question to consider relates to what other people will think and how will they react. The meaning of your tattoo design may be clear to you, but confusing or ambiguous to others. If you want to convey a specific meaning by wearing a specific symbols or words on your skin, it might be worth investigating what common symbolic meanings they carry.

Finding the Right Tattoo Artist

The execution of your idea is the next crucial step in bringing the full meaning of your tattoo to life. Once you have decided what direction to take with your design, whether you made up your mind about a specific design or have a general idea, it’s time to shop around for a tattoo shop and artist.

This is an important step. Do not rush in the nearest tattoo shop just because it’s convenient and you feel in a hurry to get it done. Finding the right artist can be as important as picking the right design. Make sure you find a place that feels safe and clean, where you feel comfortable with the artist, especially if you have a specific or complex tattoo design in mind.

Think before you ink! A well-informed decision can make a difference between a short-lived whim that you may regret too soon and a tattoo that is true to yourself and you’re proud to wear now and in the years to come.