Pocket Watch Tattoos Meaning

While differing variations hold special meaning, a pocket watch tattoo generally represents that time is fleeting or a specific event, at a certain time had a powerful impact on the wearer in some way. Before considering this type of tattoo, discover the true meaning behind your tattoo choice.

Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs 

Typically, pocket watch designs have a somewhat vintage appeal, while more modern renditions may resemble a stopwatch. An older clock or watch tattoo may be symbolic of an old soul or wise person, while a modern variation shows a tendency towards technological advances or future hope. In some cases, a warped or melting clock, a very popular design, shows a passionate refusal of authority and a desire to think outside the box. From complex designs that show inner gear workings and incorporate additional symbology, to simple solo art, pocket watch tattoos are ideal for both both sexes and are often quite intricate in design.

What Does the Pocket Watch Tattoo Mean? 

When choosing a timepiece tattoo, you may lean towards variations such as a stopwatch, clock tattoo, old pocket watch or grandfather clock. Other variations include a sundial or old watch tattoo. When incorporating other symbols with a watch tattoo, the meaning can change or become more complex. Generally speaking, a pocket watch tattoo conveys the significance of time, a specific event or person. This tattoo can also signify defiance or a love for the moment, particularity for someone who is ill or faces a life-threatening event.

Symbolism of Pocket Watch Tattoo and Meaning of Tattoo Variations

Each type of tattoo varies in meaning slightly. For instance:

  • Stop Watch –  This tattoo can simply be a more contemporary take on the traditional but can also represent a deep desire to freeze time in a particular moment of happiness. In some cases, this tattoo can symbolize life and death itself, as time
  • Clock Tattoo A clock tattoo can represent the passage of time, but also represents an inner strength and desire to live in the now.
  • Old Pocket Watch An old pocket watch tattoo centers on eternity and questioning of existence. The wearer of this tattoo is keenly aware of how precious life is.
  • Grandfather Clock A tattoo of a grandfather clock, much like an older pocket watch tattoo, shows a love for the traditional or a yearning for the past.
  • Sundial A rendition inspired by nature, this tattoo is an earthy choice that can represent the existence of the eternal or immortality, as well as the ever constant presence of time and the significance it holds for every human being.
  • Old Watch An older watch tattoo represents a respect for times gone by or lost loved ones, but may also serve as a reminder that ones own time is fleeting.

Pocket Watch Tattoo

Best Tattoo Placement

Most often, watch tattoos are found on the upper arm, forearm, upper chest or back. In many cases, this tattoo is incorporated into an intricate sleeve or large tattoo. A smaller watch tattoo may be placed on the inner wrist, while an elongated watch and pocket chain tattoo may be found snaked around the side or along the ribs. Ultimately, where a tattoo is placed can hold additional meaning.

The Message Pocket Watch Tattoos Convey Is: 

Time is the obvious message conveyed by this tattoo, but a pocket watch can also represent a child’s birth, a parent’s passing, a refusal of the conventional conception of time or a distorted sense of time. Carefully consider your own perspective on time itself before choosing your personal pocket watch design.

If You Wear a Pocket Watch Tattoo You are Likely to Be: 

From a psychological standpoint, those who wear this type of tattoo are likely to be very thoughtful, insightful and brave. Tradition is likely important to you, and you may have a proclivity towards brooding over past events. Generally, you’re likely optimistic on some level, however you may be a daydreamer that worries about the future or feels stuck in the past to some degree. Overall, you’re likely mindful, like to make plans and don’t like to be caught unaware.

Reasons to Choose a Pocket Watch Tattoo:

Of course, a tattoo is an especially personal decision and must be well thought out.  Typically, the best reason to choose this particular type of body art is to commemorate a special event, remember a period of time that changed your life or as a reminder of of your own humanity. As time ticks by, a pocket watch tattoo can be a powerful symbol or reminder to live in the moment, rather than sitting on the sidelines as life passes you by.

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