Diamond Tattoo Meaning

Diamonds have come to mean many things throughout history, from luxury, to love, to controversy over human rights. However, a diamond is a popular choice for a tattoo because of its wealth of symbolic associations, and can be included in designs ranging from simple black lines to colorful complex patterns.

Diamond Tattoo Designs

While diamonds may be associated with luxury and fine jewelry, they also have a deeper meaning for people who have overcome obstacles in life. Since diamonds come from a rough form of coal-like carbon that has been subject to extreme pressure, a diamond tattoo can be a reminder of how beauty can come from major stress.

What Does the Diamond Tattoo Mean?

Diamonds are a simple geometric shape made of lines, and so these tattoo designs often are a simple way of expressing great meaning, including:

  • Transformation
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Glamour
  • Commitment

Symbolism of Diamonds and Meaning of the Tattoo Variations

While diamonds have come to mean many different things over the years, depending on the style of line and color chosen they can be further tailored to represent personal meaning.

  • Black diamond: This can be a simple old school way to express love, commitment, and strength.
  • Red diamond: These are often used to represent passion and desire, but when made into a melted or fire-related design can be used to represent lost love.
  • Green diamond: While green has connotations ranging from nature to envy, a green diamond can represent overcoming jealousy, but can also express a natural or organic love.
  • White diamond: These can be subtle ways of expressing the symbolism of a diamond, and many people like to use these to decorate fingers representing elegance, love, and commitment.
  • Blue diamond: Since blue is considered to be a peaceful and strong color, a blue diamond tattoo can symbolize a commitment to accepting where one is in life. However, since blue can also be associated with sadness, a blue diamond can come to represent overcoming depression.
  • Diamond in a box: Closely associated with the use of diamonds in jewelry, a tattoo like this will likely remind the wearer of wealth and power.
  • Diamonds and text: For those who really want to get the symbolic meaning of their tattoo across, adding simple text can often get the job done. This can be a loved one’s name, or an inspirational saying to remind the wearer of what they’ve overcome.

Diamond Tattoo

Best Placements

A newly married person may want to tattoo a diamond on finger to symbolize a commitment to love, which can be a small and subtle placement for a tattoo. On the other hand, diamonds can make excellent designs for large tattoos, and when worn on the lower back or chest can be ways to display strength. The back of the neck has also become a popular place for diamond tattoos, particularly for women.

Diamond tattoos can also be placed in traditional spots for wearing jewelry in addition to the finger, like around the neck, wrist, or ankle.

The Message Diamond Tattoos Convey Is…

Diamonds are all about strength and overcoming pressure to transform into something beautiful. They are also great ways to show glamour, power, and a taste for the finer things in life.

If You Wear A Diamond Tattoo, You Are Likely To Be…

Someone looking to show a permanent commitment – both on the body and in relationships or just life in general. You may also have overcome great obstacles in life, and choose to have a permanent daily reminder of your strength.

Reasons To Choose a Diamond Tattoo

Choose a diamond tattoo if you want to show your dedication to yourself or to another person. They are great for weddings, since modern couples may want options besides traditional jewelry to express their new commitment. They are also ways to show that you are classy and elegant but still choose to creatively express yourself.

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