Circle Tattoo Meaning

Throughout history, the circle has held special meaning for humanity. A representative of the sun, the planet Earth, the moon, and the circle of life, the circle shows up in cultures and religions from around the world. As a tattoo, circles can be highly symbolic for their wearers.

Circle Tattoo Designs

Obviously, the most basic building block of the circular tattoo is the circular shape. How it is modified or embellished is one of the ways that people personalize their meaning in unique ways.

For example, if the cyclical nature of time is the symbolic goal of representation in a circle tattoo, an eternity symbol can be used. Circles are often associated with femininity, representative of the womb and the process of giving life, and in these cases are either used in the sign for femininity or as a simple outlined circle.

What Does the Circle Tattoo Mean?

When it comes to a round tattoo, symbolism will, of course, vary depending on the wearer’s preferences, both design and symbolic. In a general sense, circles are said to be symbols of:

  • Life: Both the cycle of birth to death and the sun as the foundation for life lead to circles being representative of life.
  • The universe: Circles are also symbols for the universe, encompassing everything, from human life to the stars in the sky. For some cultures, the circle also represents deities as givers of life and masters of the universe.
  • Stability: In Asian cultures, in particular, circles are used for mindfulness and centering processes, providing a psychic stability for the practitioner.
  • Time: Just as the Earth revolves around the sun, so do natural cycles, occur such as seasonal changes and even the change of each day to the next.

Symbolism of Circle and Meaning of Tattoo Variations

As noted, circles are found throughout history and within the symbolism of every human society on Earth. For this reason, the symbolism of circles can even be expanded to be a way of connecting with people past and present, as the ubiquitous shape is truly one that pervades the collective unconscious. Because of their universal nature, certain variations of circles hold even more specific associations.

In Celtic culture, the circle was considered a way of forming a protective barrier, in addition to being representative of the universe and the cyclical nature of time. The Celtic cross is its own attractive tattoo design because it both honors the cross as a holy symbol while representing the unity of Christianity, the divine and humankind. Celtic culture also utilized the spiral shape as a way to show the continuous movement of the cosmos and the universe, and the spiral tattoo has become a popular variation of the circle.

For the Chinese, the circle can hold multiple meanings. First of all, the yin-yang is one of a balance of energy, representing the duality of man. Circles are also symbols for the universe, in particular as a way to show how earth and the cosmos are linked.

Native American tribal cultures believe the circle is representative of the all-encompassing universe, from the sun and the moon, to the people on Earth. In addition to using the shape itself, many Native American rituals incorporate dance or movement in a circular format.

Circle Tattoo

Best Tattoo Placements

Circle tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body for great effect and meaning. Simple outlined round tattoos look great on the wrist or the ankle, particularly on women, whereas symbols using circles like the Celtic cross look good on the arm or as a large design on the back. Spirals and eternity symbols are great choices for tattoos on the back of the neck.

The Message Circle Tattoos Convey Is…

There is a connection and endless cycle that encompass all of life. Whether from the daily sunrise and moonrise, or from the process of life and death, the circle is a way of expressing unity amongst the universe.

If You Wear a Circle Tattoo, You are Likely to Be…

Someone who embraces the inter-connectivity of life and the universe and someone who is open to all that life brings. For those who are deeply religious or those who are just spiritual, the circle tattoo has come to be a popular modern option.

Reasons to Choose a Circle Tattoo

Circles are all around us, and the wearer of a circle tattoo feels a connection with the rest of humanity and the universe. Choosing a circle tattoo means that you can travel anywhere in the world, and people will recognize the shape as a positive symbol of connection and openness.

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